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Skimer Sport perfil.jpg
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Skimer Sport perfil.jpg
SKIMER ilunga topo 2_edited.jpg
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Advantages and differentials over other water skis

- Easy to use, you ski face down without the need for balance.


-Anyone is capable of using it due to its easy and intuitive maneuverability.


- It is small and fits anywhere on the launch and easy to carry on the JetSki.


- You can ski over the water like a wakeboard for a bodyboarder.


- In the Fun version you can surf the waves without being pulled by a vessel using only bodyboard fins and also have the possibility of attaching fins to improve maneuverability.


- You can submerge with him in an underwater sweep as if you were hitchhiking on a dolphin's back.


- You can use it as a support platform for Snorkeling due to its buoyancy, when not pulled.


- Has safety system as leash with quick release. We are a family owned and operated business.


- Pulled by speedboat or jet ski, it does not require much power because the speeds are 14 knots (~ = 25 km / h) on the surface and 4 knots (~ = 7 km / h) to submerge.


- It is already complete for use. -Towing cable, Leash with quick release.

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