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Bandeira dos Estados Unidos da América
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ILunga is a company that designs, manufactures and markets its products for its moment of aquatic leisure, aiming at new sensations and experiences with the objective of meeting and creating new needs of customers and partners around the world. 


We already have an international patent application, we have some regional start-up awards, product awards for sports, and regional design awards

If you liked the product and see many ways to increase it in your country's market, as we see it, and you can help us, we are open to proposals.

logo-ilunga-rgb-sem-fundo ALTA.png
Bandeira dos Estados Unidos da América

The word iLunga, company name, was created from the phonetics of the letter "j", in Italian, which is pronounced "ilunga", being the first letter of the name of the founder of the company, and this in the Italian language because it is his second citizenship.

JOSÉ CHAVES - Founder Professional in the area of development of new products with national and international training, he went through the labor market in several companies and sectors where due to his experiences in several areas idealized the company iLunga putting into practice all his knowledge that he had in learning and living in these years in various market areas and countries.

The passion of our founder allows them today to be with a product on the market and finally succeed, despite all the difficulties of our country.

The resilience of our founder is so great, that this was the project for his graduation at the University of Industrial Design, and over time it has evolved with each experience acquired, winning some awards until becoming the product it is today.

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