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Skimer board handle
Skimer Board Perfil

Fin boxes for inserts FUTURE fins model, same as those used on surfboards, and may use one fin, two fins or thre fins to made new maneuvering.

skimer board fins

FLoating fairing developed
in polyethylene super resistant.

Fairing inspired in the shape of Manta Ray, designed to have greater hydrodynamics.

Skimer board with fins

Soft elbow guard for comfort

during surface glide.

Polycarbonate visor for bottom view during dive and planar on the surface also designed to decrease the friction of the body with water.

Elevated side edge for the perfect elbow fitting making the ski perfectly nestled between the arms of the skier, like a cockpit.

shieldwater designed to decrease the flow of water on the skier's face when diving.

Handles designed for maximum hand ergonomics, with angles calculated for performance both above and below water.

Stainless steel parts for maximum product durability

Skimer Board quick realise
skimer board Leash

Handle Leash, designed to disarm the quick release

This yellow ring disengages the skier from the Skimer board and the speedboat or jeski.

Automatic quick trip safety system, it disengages the Ski of the boat's cable or Jetski that is pulling.


Safety colored polyethylene floating cable with reinforced stainless steel terminal designed to work next to the quick release.

Rope pulled boat or Jetski.

Rope pulled boat or Jetski.

Leash Rope

Leash Rope

Skimer Rope

Skimer Rope

Quick release closed 

Quick release Open

Skiing on the surface

Maximum 14 knots ≅ 25km / h

Skimer board in surface

Tip: Pressing your toes into the water
for greater drivability

The arm should be flexed and the skier bent over the ski when on  speed on the surface of the water.

Skiing Underwater
Skimer board under water

Maximum 4 knots ≅ 7km / h

The arm should be extended during the dive by directing only the fists down causing the ski to sink.

Skimer board box

Skimer Fun, designed for everyone to feel the sensation of skiing, a project that forms the beginning of a new sport with many maneuvers still to be discovered, either above the water, as a Bodyboarder or underwater, as a Dolphin!

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