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Bandeira do Brasil
Pavilhão de Espanha
"Very easy to direct, both above and below the water! I do not feel like coming back" (Daniel Gustavo)
You have to go ... you have to go! Everyone has to go! It looks like you're in space." (Felipe Mallon)
"Men ... it's awesome.It's wonderfull !!!" (Áureo Souza)
"It's very easy to maneuver, the strength you make is minimal, you do not tire your arms, the position you get is comfortable!" (Daniel Cajal)
"It's a sport with a lot of adrenaline. Great program for the weekend." (Leandro de Souza)
"Very Fun, I liked!" (Nerivaldo da Silva)
Excellent equipment. A unique experience of sliding on the water. Great fun! (Rodrigo Almeida)

"Great product. Fun guaranteed and safe." (Carlos Ferreira Hoehr)

SkyZimba Cable Park
Skimer VivantSP represa Guarapiranga
Skimer VivantSP represa Guarapiranga
"Skimer is a wonderful toy for kids, my 7 and 4 year old kids had a great time, highly recommended for kids from 4 to 40 years old" (Alan Diniz)
"I love Skimer! With him, even someone who does not know how to ski can have fun without fear of getting hurt." (Anne Kaarina)
"A product that meets both the desires of our customers who want excitement and those who want to experience a water sport for the first time, very versatile and safe!" (Adrian Meusburgues - VivantSP)
Skimer SkyZimba Cable Park Imbituba - SC
"The Skimer has added a lot to our Cable Park, some people with motor difficulties and children sometimes were left out of our games, now the fun is guaranteed for everyone! One of the most sought after equipment in our wakeboard park for ease of control as for security, come check it out! " (Samuel Kirst - SkyZimba Cable park)


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